Friday, January 20, 2012

Just Playing Around

My First Foray Into Making Paper Cloth
After reading a number of tutorials on how to make paper cloth, I knew that I had to give it a try.  So yesterday I gathered up all of the supplies and jumped in.  I didn't have to buy a thing, I had everything that I needed on hand.  When you've been doing various arts and crafts for forty years or so, you have a lot of stuff laying around, just begging to be used.  I even got out my rubber stamps, I hadn't used them in a couple of years.

I won't give you directions for making paper cloth; there are so many tutorials out there that do that much better than I could.  So I will share links to the sites that I found helpful.

iHanna's Blog has a great tutorial that I followed pretty closely.

Katherine Sands also has a nice tutorial on Art Journal--A Creative Journey.  She shows some neat things that you can make with your paper cloth after you make it.

Kelli Nina Perkins has a book out on the subject and judging by the number of mentions and reviews that I've seen on other blogs, it must be really good.

Anyway, I'll share a few pictures so you can see the progression.  I forgot to take pictures as I was first getting started, but you can see some changes.

This Photo Shows The Glue Still Wet.

The photos of the paper cloth while it was wet were taken at night so that explains the difference in color, The light overhead gave everything a yellow-gold tint.  I used a garbage bag cut open underneath, it worked really well.

Left lower section while the glue was wet.
Lower left corner glue dry, but not painted.

The glue is dry, but I haven't added the stamping, or paint.

Lower left corn with metallic
acrylic paint, ink and stamping added

Lower left corner with metallic
acrylic paints, ink and stamping added.
Upper section while the glue is wet.

Right side glue dry, but no paint, ink or stamping.
Upper section with metallic
acrylic paint, ink and stamping added.

Close-up of upper section.
Upper left section glue dry, but no paint, ink or stamping.

Upper left corner with metallic
acrylic paints, ink and stamping.
Another close up

Close up of poem


  1. Your paper cloth is so colorful and fun, and it makes me want to try this interesting technique also.

  2. I thank you for sharing your technique. I like your end result, beautiful