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It's All About Color:
When was the last time you bought a box of crayons?  A new box of crayons holds a world of possibilities.  Color is pure inspiration, that's why it has become a huge industry.  This page will be a place to explore color.  There are some amazing color websites out there, including the one above.  Check them out if you need a little color inspiration yourself.

TUB TheUltraBright  Color Inspiration and Research

Another fabulous color website is TUB.  "TUB is a platform that provides in-depth color inspiration and research, future color forecast, commercial analysis, history and inspiration.  We search for new, innovative and fresh color shades in young artists' work, on the city streets, in vintage markets and across the fashion and product industries."

Colorapi Color Chart Search
Colorapi is a search engine you can use to type in a word and search Flickr for color inspiration.  Very cool site!

Graphic from Design Hole
Color Explorer is an online toolbox for working with color palettes.  Create your own color palettes and manage and analyze them for use in design.

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