Monday, February 27, 2012

I've Been Off Exploring

Life has been busy lately and I have let the time fly by without posting anything.  I have added a number of pages and updated them, but just haven't been inspired to write a new post.

This is what I've been doing:

  1. Searching the whole house for all of my art & craft supplies which have been scattered everywhere.
  2. Sorting through said supplies and corralling like items into containers and cabinets.
  3. Cleaning and revamping my craft room.  (This is a huge project!)
  4. Exploring new ways of expressing myself creatively:  art journalling, altered books, collage.
  5. Discovering Pineterest.  WOW, what a revelation!
  6. Discovering many new blogs and websites.  What did we ever do without the internet?

The result of all this activity is an intense longing to hurry up and finish my craft room so that I can start playing and making a creative mess all over again.  I will post pictures of the transformation of my creative space when I get a chance.  I forgot to take any pictures before I started, but I'm trying to remember to do that as i go along now.

My craft room is in the basement of our house; which we bought about 12 years ago from my great aunt's estate.  My aunt Lou had a canning kitchen built in the basement and that is what I have appropriated for my craft room.  Saturday we tore out the counter and cabinet that separated the "kitchen" from the rest of the finished side of the basement.  My younger son, Caleb, was thrilled to be able to tackle the job of demolishing the cabinet.  We salvaged the 8 drawers from this cabinet and will upcycle them into a cute shelf/bulletin board and a bookshelf.  See my inspiration below.

Seen at Better Homes & Gardens
Seen at Crafty Nest

I have scavenged a desk from my son's bedroom that he wasn't using anymore and we moved our old computer down to my craft room.  My wonderful husband, Tim bought me a new flat screen monitor and has been working to get it all working properly.  

There is much more to be done down there.  In conjunction with the craft room redo, we are also turning the area next to it into a workout room.  Complete with a recumbent exercise bike, weight bench, flexible flyer, my heavy bag and speed bag.  We still have to take up the old carpet in this area and put down a new floor.  I think that we will also paint the paneling on the walls and the rest of the cupboards in the craft room. I can't wait to get all of this finished.  But at least the exercise bike is now out of my craft room, yeah.

More updates later.

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